You Don't Have to Suffer
There are no hard and fast rules for dieting. Confusing right? Everyone automatically assumes that because they are on a diet, they should be suffering and hating life. Why? Losing body fat is hard, yes, but it does not have to be as hard as people make it seem. You can enjoy your favourite foods. You can eat whenever you want. There’s one important rule for fat loss...Keep Reading
5 Reasons Why Everything Stops Working
Many of us workout in order to create positive outcomes. It can be about body composition, performance, heart health, energy, you name it. But at what point does all of the hard training and ‘eating right’ seem to stop working? ...Keep Reading
3 Tips to Track Your Nutrition
As a coach and an athlete, I’ve seen a wide variety of nutrition plans, tips, devices, secrets, and so on. Everywhere you turn there is a new product or trend that guarantees you success in your weight loss endeavors. It is no wonder there is mass confusion on what to eat, how much, and what to avoid at all costs. People are confused! I am here to help put an end to some of the confusion and provide a few tips on how to make things easier when tracking nutrition. ..Keep Reading
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